Wednesday, June 20, 2012


This is what started it all...

Simone and I attended a simulcast of The Magic Flute at Cowboys Stadium in April. I snapped a very poorly lit shot of her with my cell phone, and "checked in" on Facebook so everyone I know would know where we were. I showed it to Simone and briefly explained that when I put her picture on that website, some other people can see it. I then showed her that a few people "liked" the photo of her, and she declared herself to be famous.

A few weeks ago, she saw Aurora the cat eating out of Pippa's bowl, and thought it was hilarious...

She said "Mommy, we should take a picture of her and put it on Facebook!" So I whipped out the cell phone and did as she asked. Over the next day or two, Simone became quite proficient at checking on Aurora's picture to see how many people had "liked" it. She declared Aurora to be famous.

After a week or so, she decided Pippa should be famous as well...

She checked repeatedly to see how many "likes" each cat got. It was a tight race for a few days, but Aurora won out in the popularity contest by one "like".

Then Simone remembered her picture from the opera and checked to see how many people liked it. Not as many as the cats. She felt slighted and said she needed a better picture posted to Facebook so she could be as famous as the cats...

Simone won by several "likes", and was very pleased with herself. That is bright orange sherbet, by the way, not red lipstick!

I've learned a few things from this:

  1. I had no idea that she'd grasped the concept of Facebook as well as she apparently has. That's scary, and must stop immediately! I caught her today with my phone, thumbing through Facebook "liking" different people's pictures. YIKES!!!
  2. The popularity bug is striking younger people these days.
  3. Even the worst cell phone photo can make you famous!

Monday, May 14, 2012

A Peachy Day

We have a giant peach! It's right out on the driveway, floating on an ocean, with bugs crawling all over it.

We recently finished reading James and the Giant Peach, so while out "chalking" on the driveway today, Simone and I drew a giant peach.While I colored in the peach's skin (we're out of orange chalk now), Simone started on the creatures.

The Centipede (without all those annoying boots)...

Miss Spider, with a sac full of silk (the white blob)...

The Old Green Grasshopper...

The Ladybug peeking out of the hole in the peach, and James Henry Trotter himself sleeping on his spiderweb bed...

Simone decided The Silkworm, The Glowworm and The Earthworm (all the worms -- curious!) were all inside the peach where we can't see them.

This tribute to Roald Dahl followed brunch with my favorite person, an afternoon at the museum looking at Impressionist paintings, and ice cream. Simone likes to call everything the "best (insert activity here) ever" lately, and I told her tonight that this was the best Mother's Day ever. At least better than the one when she was one year old and bit me!

Monday, March 19, 2012

40 days...

Simone and I celebrated Mardi Gras with her dad by waiting waaaay too long for some crawfish at an overcrowded, loud restaurant with drunk people everywhere. Yiiiiiiieeeee!

On the way to the restaurant, I explained in very simple terms what Fat Tuesday is and why the restaurant was going to be so crowded and loud. I told her that some religions observe Lent for 40 days before Easter, and people in those religions will sometimes give up something they love, like watching TV, drinking sodas, beer, wine, or eating candy or desserts, as sort of a demonstration of their love for Jesus, who fasted for 40 days. I told her that the 40 days begins tomorrow, so everyone is having all the indulgences they can stand tonight since they will not have them again until Easter.

My intent was to give her enough information so she could understand that it is not just a huge party, but that there is a deeper meaning behind it all. Then she wanted to know what we were going to give up. Hmmmmm...I told her that we don’t really observe Lent, but if she wanted to give something up we could. I reminded her that whatever it was, we would not be able to do it, eat it or drink it until Easter. It would be like a test of our willpower. She was OK with that.

We kicked around a few ideas. I think she suggested giving up practicing spelling words or math facts, and I vetoed that. I suggested giving up cookies. She vetoed that. We finally settled on giving up sodas. I can live with this. I needed to cut down my Diet Coke consumption anyway, and although she generally drinks water with meals anyway, she loves Dr. Pepper and will not turn one down.

So since February 21 (we actually started on Fat Tuesday rather than Ash Wednesday), we have had no sodas…

Except the time I forgot and ordered a cherry limeade with my burger.

And except for the time Simone forgot and had a grape soda with her dad.

Aside from these two little transgressions, we’ve done well. We are drinking water like it’s…water. And if we need something a little harder, we have sweet tea.

This weekend, while returning from a fun-filled day in East Texas, we stopped at McDonald’s for “dinner” (ya gotta use that term loosely when talking about McD’s!). We were given cups and while waiting for our “food” (again, loose terms) to be bagged up, we went over to the drink fountain to choose our drinks. I knew there would not be many choices there for our Lenten needs, and found the water spigot first thing.

I noticed Simone perusing the various drink buttons while I was filling my cup, and asked her if she wanted some milk to go with her happy “meal”. She said no, and pointed at an orange button on the drink machine. She asked me whether that was soda. I asked her what she thought (because we call it “orange soda”), and she said she didn’t think it was. This surprised me (because we call it “orange soda”), and I told her that I was having water because I’m not drinking sodas for 40 days, but that she would need to make up her own mind whether this is something she should drink, given our decision to give up sodas until Easter. See, I tried to throw in a little guilt trip there, but it went right over her head.

She restated her belief that it was not soda, and poured a little into her cup. “I’m just going to check to see whether it’s soda or not,” she said. She took a sip and declared “Nope. Not soda.” Then she wasted no time filling her cup with orange sweetness.

I was puzzled and a little worried about her cavalier attitude toward our Lenten self-denial, since it had been going so well for the past month. I asked her how she decided it was not soda (because we call it “orange soda”), and she explained; “this drink doesn’t have bubbles like soda, so it’s not soda, and it’s OK to drink during Lent.”

So…if it fizzes, it’s soda. If it’s Hi-C orange-flavored beverage, it’s not soda (even though it has just as much sugar). Good to know.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

This Little Piggy... a birthday/Valentine gift for Simone's teacher, who loves pigs. She (the pig, not the teacher) is currently sealed in a ziploc baggie because while I know Ms. I loves pigs, I'm not so sure how she feels about cat hair!

Here's a funny story about the time I made a crocheted pig for Simone's teacher... 

I was crocheting along while sitting in bed one night, all cozy and warm. When I got to the point where I needed to start adding stuffing, I conveniently found a small bag of fluff in the bottom of the bag where I store my crochet things. How lucky for me, right? Now I don't have to go digging around in a closet.

I started stuffing the pig's head, but found that the stuffing didn't pull apart as easily as I remembered from past crochet projects. Oh, well. I just used scissors to  cut off what I needed and went on. I stuffed the head and body, and when I was ready to attach the arms and legs, I reached for more stuffing to cut free. 

That's when I found this near the bottom of the bag of fluff...

Yes, that is a spider ring. 

And yes, the piggy is stuffed with Halloween decoration. You're welcome, Ms. I!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Word of the Day: Dagwood

Last week, Simone wanted to make her own lunch for school the next day. She decided to make a jelly sandwich, and while she was spreading the jelly and stacking the bread, she was reminded of this scene in A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. She loves to recreate scenes from her favorite movies, books and TV shows, so of course she had to bring the Peanuts' feast preparation to life...

She was so impressed with her creation, she wanted to eat it immediately instead of saving it for the next day's lunch (it wouldn't have fit into a baggie, much less her lunch box anyway)...

She made it through only a few bites, but she was happy!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cub Reporter or Comedienne?

I saw a news story last week about a woman driving her car through the front of a convenience store. Nobody was badly injured, and the physical damage was fairly minor (broken glass and banged-up displays), so it really was just a curiosity kind of story – What was she doing while she should have been applying the brakes? How will the store owner deal with the economic losses of missed alcohol sales just before the big New Year’s Eve holiday?


Yesterday, we happened to drive by that convenience store. Simone noticed plywood covering some of the windows on the store and asked why that was there. I told her what happened and explained that the plywood is covering the holes in the building until the owners can replace the glass. She was concerned that someone may have been hurt, and I told her that nobody was injured, just scared and surprised to see a car coming into the store.


She thought it over for a minute, then wanted to know how I knew all of this, so I told her I saw it on the news. She wanted to know exactly what the news story said. Word for word. When I couldn’t give her what she wanted, she started grilling me:


PH:         Did they say the lady’s name who drove her car into the store?

Me:        Yes, but I don’t remember it.

PH:         Did they say how old she was?

Me:        Yes, but I don’t remember.

PH:         Did they say the store owner’s name?

Me:        Yes, but I don’t remember it.

PH:         Did they say what did he thought when he saw a car coming into the store?

Me:        Yes, but I don’t remember what he said.

PH:         Did they say what the customers said?

Me:        Yes, but I don’t remember what they said. Something about being very surprised and scared.

PH:         Did the car knock everything down?

Me:        Yes, there was a picture of broken glass and smashed merchandise all over the floor.

PH:         Oh. So it was breaking news?


Da da dum.



Saturday, October 22, 2011