Wednesday, May 12, 2010

dos dos chica (tutu cute)

The pumpkinhead becamed enamored with a make-your-own-tutu kit at the store last weekend. It said "no sewing", and "it's so easy!". The four-year-old girl on the box said "I made my own tutu!"

It was cute.

It was half price.

We purchased it with visions of a lovely afternoon spent together making the skirt, then the pumpkinhead happily dancing in her new tutu and me lounging in the orchestra section of our in-home performance hall (a.k.a. the couch in the living room), enjoying the impromptu ballet.

What we found when we opened the box was a lot of tulle strips, a few ribbons, and a length of elastic sewn into a circle that barely fit around the pumpkinhead's 12-inch waist. It was easy enough to assemble the skirt, and she "helped" quite a bit.

What we did not find when we opened the box were instructions in English. Only Spanish. Lucky for us we've been studying the language. I double checked for the English version. Still not there. I began reading the Spanish instructions out loud, certain that I could figure it out if I just read the words a couple of times. When I looked up after reading the first couple of steps, I saw that the pumpkinhead was following along! She totally understood the Spanish instructions!!! Success! I've got a bilingual kid who can (sort of) make a simple skirt!

She wore the skirt to the zoo the next day, and was a huge hit with other four-year-old girls and an older couple who had the pleasure of eating lunch at the table next to us. They obviously had no idea that they would be dining on chili dogs next to a very loud (both audibly and visually) prima ballerina when they made the decision to come to the zoo that day.

I just noticed that Amazon's regular price for the kit is less than I paid after it was marked half off at World Market. Nice. Amazon's cheaper kit probably comes complete with instructions in English AND Spanish, too.

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Lorus! said...

I love being able to keep up with the two of you this way!
You look lovely Princess Pumpkinhead! Good job on the tutu!