Sunday, May 16, 2010

Eye shadow

The pumpkinhead loves to wear makeup. She puts on makeup to play in the yard, walk the dog, go to the library, just whenever the mood strikes her. I recently found some tubes of brightly colored, sparkly  liquid eyeshadow in a clearance bin, and she has been in heaven. So far, she has not wanted to put the eyeshadow on by herself; she asks me to do it for her -- one eye in silver, the other in purple. At least that way, we avoid this look...

That is blue eyeshadow that she applied with a blush brush. I'm not sure what effect she was going for, but she was pretty pleased with the results. Whatever.

This weekend at Target, she found a tube of sparkly blue eyeshadow and showed it to me excitedly. The tube she'd picked up was a tester, so I opened it and made a couple of swipes on her eyelids. She was happy and admired herself in every mirror she could find until we left the store.

When she was getting ready for bed that night, she asked me to take her makeup off. I wiped at it with a wet washcloth, but it did not even smudge. So I got out my eye makeup remover. Still nothing. We both started to panic a bit. I stupidly wondered aloud whether that tube was actually nail polish, which made her question my parenting skills -- "Mommy, why did you put fingernail polish on my EYES???"  I'd only glanced at the tube before painting my baby with it. I remembered that it it said something about "highlighting color", but I couldn't remember anything else. Not the brand, the product name, nothing. I was questioning my parenting skills as well.

I was pondering the best way to use nail polish remover in the eye area of a four-year-old.

I was wondering if Target was still open so I could go back to look at the "eye shadow" in question to see exactly what it was.

I decided that at 10:00 p.m., the best thing to do was wait until the morning and go down to Target to investigate. I had just started to talk her into sleeping in her makeup, when I remembered that my eye makeup remover is petrolatum-free, and waterproof makeup (and temporary tattoos -- FYI) is easily removed with petroleum-based products like baby oil or vaseline. Sadly, I had neither. But I did find a tube of cherry flavored vaseline lip balm. With that and a few cotton swabs, the pumpkinhead was makeup free and ready for bed.


Lesson learned. I'll carefully read the labels of whatever I paint onto her face from now on.


Noe said...

Hello Debb y Simone, we are Noelia, Beatriz and Enma from Spain. Thank you for the comment about the international swap. We are very happy you have liked the postcard and the bookmark. Wellcome for your blog. We have decided to close ours for a time. Kisses: Noe.

Lorus! said...

Aunt Deb, FRitW really wants to comment like his siblings, so here is his comment: "Fastest Runner found Blackie Jr." (his stuffed black jaguar)

Lorus! said...

You will carefully read those labels, but will she? Keep some of that vaseline lip balm in your purse!

The blue eyeshadow at least matches her blouse and you weren't on your way to the library, or were you?

Deb said...

I am soooo relieved that you found him, FRitW! How long had he been missing?

Deb said...

Yeah, there's a whole story behind the removal of the blue eye shadow, too. Are you surprised? I should have started this blog looooong ago. I might have filled up the internets already with all the goofy goings-on and dramatics at our house!

Lorus! said...

FRitW says he had been missing probably a hundred thousand days! (10 minutes tops! says Mom!)