Saturday, May 15, 2010

I make old people sad.

I recently made an elderly lady cry. That sounds horrible, and I guess it is bad. But I didn't intend to make her cry. I just realized too late that she may have a touch of dementia.

She is the new roommate of someone I visit in a nursing facility. She was warning me about the current state of our society and explaining how history tends to repeat itself. She told me that if we continue on the path we've been on in these United States recently, that we will end up in a war. Without realizing exactly how incoherent her end of the conversation was, I pointed out that we are, in fact, currently involved in TWO wars.

The waterworks started.

She was frightened.

She was indignant that nobody in the U.S. has heeded her apparently repeated warnings.

Then 10 minutes later she'd forgotten the whole conversation, the two wars, the fact that no one is listening to her, and was again telling me that history will repeat itself. Yeah. Not in this room, lady. I'm not spilling the beans again!

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mimi said...

Funny thing about dementia, sometimes the visitors end up more confused than the patients. And, really, she won't remember she was said, so you did good.
love, mimi