Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I was almost outwitted by technology today.

I like gadgets, and I have a several little gadgets that are cool and useful.

Earlier this week, I downloaded an app for my i-Pod Touch that stores all my rewards card numbers (grocery stores, pet stores, drug stores, blah, blah, blah) and membership numbers (library, movie theater, airline, hotel, blah, blah, blah), so I no longer have to carry the cards around with me. When I want Tom Thumb to capture my shopping data so they can offer me coupons that I never use, I can just whip out the i-pod and pull up the barcode for the cashier to scan. Cool because...well it's just cool...and useful because it cleared a lot of space in my wallet.

A few years ago, I put a keypad lock on the door in the garage. Cool because I no longer have to carry around a key, and useful because now the pumpkinhead can open the door for me while I'm carrying in the various bags, backpacks, lunchboxes, purses, stuffed animals, blah, blah, blah that we drag to and from school/work every day.

I have a radio bookmark that marks the NPR story I'm listening to when I push a button. Later, when I plug the bookmark into my PC, it pulls up the internet link to the story so I can read it or listen to it again or see the related pictures, charts, websites, blah, blah, blah. It is cool because I think it is, and it is useful because I am almost always late for work, and I almost never get to finish listening to the story that was on when I skid to a stop in my office parking lot.

Today I came home from work and entered my house through my door with the keypad lock. I turned on my computer and plugged in my radio bookmark so I can see the photos from the story about art in Japanese internment camps that I couldn't finish listening to this morning. Then I got my i-pod and my debit card (the cool app isn't set up for debit cards -- yet) and went for a run to do some exercise and some errands. When I got home again, I punched in my handy-dandy code on my very cool keypad lock. And nothing. Just an ominous beeping sound. I tried again. Still nothing. Just an annoying beep-beep-beep.

So I was locked out of my house. I paused to consider my options:
  • The pumpkinhead's dad would be bringing her home in another hour or so. He has a key for emergencies. I think this would qualify. But it was hot, especially after my two-mile run/walk. And I was thirsty. 
  • I could go to the neighbor's air-conditioned house and have a glass of water while I wait for them. But then I would have to explain to the neighbor why exactly I was locked out of my house. And I was a little stinky after my two-mile run/walk.
  • I could go to the pumpkinhead's air-conditioned "castle" in the back yard and wait for them. But the gate was locked. I could attempt to climb over the fence. But it is eight feet tall and I'm not as athletic as I used to be. And the neighbors might see me fall off the fence in the process (not that they haven't witnessed plenty of my other less-than-magnificent feats during the time I've lived here).
While I was standing in my garage trying to decide what to do, I remembered that I have a key in my car. Not a key to the house, but a key to the lock on the gate. It was a start. I found the key and let myself into the back yard. There was Biscuit, looking at me as if wondering what in the world I was up to now (not that he hasn't witnessed even more of my less-than-magnificent feats).

 While I was in the back yard, I had a thought. Biscuit is in the yard because he came out of his dog door. Yes. The dog door. I have been angry with Lowe's for over a year because they sold me the wrong size dog door. This dog door is much too large for a 20-pound pug. But it is the right size for my niece, who makes sure she still fits through it every time she visits. And with enough twisting and turning, it was the right size for me! Lowe's gets a pass on this one. With Biscuit watching, I made it into my cool house and poured myself a large glass of cold water. Aaaaah!!! I think Biscuit was as excited as I was that I'd made it back into the house. Or maybe he was just laughing his head off in his own pug language.

So from this, I've learned a few things:
  1. Maybe I am as athletic as I used to be.
  2. Any size 8 (or under) burglar can get into my house. And NO, burglars, I'm NOT giving you my address!
  3. Even a cool i-pod with cool apps can't help you when your cool keypad locks you out.
  4. Dog doors can now be considered "cool technology" in my book. 


Lorus! said...

Oh My! You may have several comments on this one!
Kirk says: He would have reached up through the dog door and just unlocked the door! But he was also much entertained by the thought of you crawling through that dog door!

Deb said...

Kirk will be very happy to know that I tried that today after reading this, just in case the garage door gets the better of me again one day. I could reach one lock easily, and I think I could reach the other one if I really, really needed to.

Lorus! said...

Maggie says, Aren't you glad I always try out the dog door? You might not have thought of using it. Maybe you can show me how you do it next time I am there.

Lorus! said...

kirk says i mightlock you out next time were there!

Deb said...

I believe you, Kirk. That's why i am going to make sure Maggie goes everywhere with me next time you're here! Or i will just start working on my ninja dog door skills before i see you again.

Lorus! said...

kirk says just carry keys