Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just me and my Pumpkinhead...

Not MY actual head, really. Not anyone's actual head, really. Just a silly name I call my daughter. Pumpkinhead. (Sometimes just Pumpkin, when I'm too lazy to add the "head".) She doesn't mind it (yet), and I think it's cute. Sure, for some it may invoke images of a late '80's horror film, or crazy punk songs about the movie, or even political commentary in music. (Yeah, I've had people ask me about all of these when they hear me call her Pumpkinhead.) But I just get a very literal image of a cute little munchkin with a pumpkin for a head.

My pumpkinhead daughter and I are both learning to speak Spanish. She, at four years, is learning at a much more rapid pace than I am. But I can (usually) conjugate verbs and I know bigger words! So the name of the blog is "¿Qué pasa, Calabaza?". Loosely translated, this means "What's up, Pumpkin?". It's nonsensical, but it rhymes and makes me smile.

So if you click here any time in the future, you will see what's up with my pumpkinhead. Sometimes it may just be a favorite new photo, sometimes a recount of our adventures in learning to speak another language, or sometimes a story about how smart/funny/cute/silly she is. I'm obnoxious like that about my kid.

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Lorus! said...

I finally ordered Rosetta Stone, so we may be joining you in learning Spanish. Probably at a slower pace though!