Thursday, June 10, 2010

We've been watching Ponyo for a while here.  Netflix may want the DVD back, but the Pumpkinhead is not ready to let it go yet. I love Hayao Miyazaki's anime movies, and I'm pretty happy that she seems to love them, too. Ponyo is so pretty - it's like a movie in watercolors.

Simone* can memorize entire scenes in an instant. We re-enact scenes from movies or books all the time -- in the car, in the bath, at dinner, while playing, walking the dog, blah, blah, blah... She is ALWAYS the director, and if I get a line wrong or miss my cue, we have to start all over. If I miraculously get my lines right, we still start over. Again. And again. And again.

Tonight we had soba noodles and dumplings (which were homemade and awesome, thankyouverymuch!) for dinner. When Simone saw that I was making noodles, she was reminded of this scene in Ponyo (sorry if you don't speak French, but you get the idea). We re-enacted the scene numerous times while making dinner, getting ready to eat dinner, while eating dinner...maybe even after dinner.

We ate at the coffee table, just like Sosuke and Ponyo. The saucers doubled as lids for our noodle bowls, just like Sosuke and Ponyo. Simone played dual roles as both Ponyo and Sosuke's mother so she could be the one to make the dramatic flourish and say "Abracadabra!" while removing the lids, then also the one to dance around with joy when the delicious noodles were uncovered. We ate with chopsticks, just like Sosuke and Ponyo. She's used them numerous times before, but it's still funny watching her try to balance those slippery noodles between her two chopsticks.

You may notice a few things in the photos above, besides my lovely dinnerware (term used loosely here) of mis-matched, chipped dishes and a plastic Rangers beer cup that is about 10 years old. 1.) The pumpkinhead is dressed as a princess. That is standard attire for meals around here. 2.) Yes, she used ketchup as a dipping sauce for her dumplings (homemade and awesome, thankyouverymuch!). That is a standard condiment for her. I've seen her dip strawberries in ketchup. At least she eats.

* -- I'm getting tired of referring to her as "Pumpkinhead" here. Although I call her by that nickname several times every day, it is awkward writing it here. Everyone knows her name is Simone, so I'm not fooling anyone here. From here on out, you will see her referred to here as both "Pumpkinhead" and "Simone". And maybe some other names. Who knows.

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