Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Keeping up with the Joneses...

A friend is pet-sitting a small zoo this week. In her care are two dogs, two cats, three snakes, and a tankful of fish. Simone and I went over to take a look at the snakes tonight. She was quite surprised to find that the house where the animal menagerie is located also has a pool. My friend instantly rose to rock star status in Simone's mind, because she was allowed to pet all the animals AND swim in the pool. One snake hung out on the fence while she swam, and one dog even swam with her.

After swimming for a while, I announced that it was almost time to go home.  My pumpkinhead ignored me and asked her new BFF for a tour of the house! She even offered to help gather up the animals to bring them inside. So of course, we went into the home of people we don't even know. The house and its grounds are beautiful, and I was quite impressed with the landscaping and decor. If I lived there, I would not want to leave my house for anything.

Apparently, Simone felt the same way.

On the way home, she told me "Mommy, I want us to have a house like that." I immediately knew that I must have been a little too impressed in front of her and now she was comparing our lives to others'. YIKES! I was trying to think of something wise to say, when she continued, "Yes, I want our house to have two cats and two dogs and a SNAKE!"

Whew! She's only jealous of their animals (and maybe the pool a little - but that's OK. I am too!).

Birthday Blast!!!

The pumpkinhead had a birthday party over the weekend. It was quite the affair. Take a look...

There were special guests. Simone has been eagerly awaiting Angie's arrival...since the last time we saw her in April. Both girls were in full makeup exactly 10 minutes after they saw each other.

There was a whale slide...

There was sliding...

And more sliding...

and cake... I named her "Princess Diana of Whales", and her dress was delicious.

and candles... I think there were seven candles, although she is only five years old. What are you going to do? She's just that special!


and then there was more sliding until almost dark...

Needless to say, everyone had a great time, and I think everyone went home completely exhausted. In fact, the pumpkinhead and I are STILL exhausted!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm stuck in the middle and she's stuck with me...

I used to sympathize with Jan Brady. I think it was a middle child thing, just trying to figure out where I fit in. Also the freckles. We had that in common, too.

I haven't thought about Jan Brady for a long time now.

Until tonight.

The pumpkinhead was looking me over while trying to distract my attention from the fact that she wasn't eating her dinner. She asked me why I have so many freckles "all over yourself" -- said with with a wrinkled nose and a disgusted sound in her voice. As if that were not bad enough, she went on to say "I want a new mommy. One who doesn't have so many freckles."


If anyone needs me, I'll be soaking in a vat of lemon juice.