Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm stuck in the middle and she's stuck with me...

I used to sympathize with Jan Brady. I think it was a middle child thing, just trying to figure out where I fit in. Also the freckles. We had that in common, too.

I haven't thought about Jan Brady for a long time now.

Until tonight.

The pumpkinhead was looking me over while trying to distract my attention from the fact that she wasn't eating her dinner. She asked me why I have so many freckles "all over yourself" -- said with with a wrinkled nose and a disgusted sound in her voice. As if that were not bad enough, she went on to say "I want a new mommy. One who doesn't have so many freckles."


If anyone needs me, I'll be soaking in a vat of lemon juice.


Lorus! said...

Ooooh! Offering you a virtual lemon and a hug! What in the world did you make her eat for dinner????

Deb said...

Haha. We were at Chipotle -- her favorite! She clarified later that she just wants me to look more like her. She keeps asking how long it will take for my freckles to go away. I think she thinks they're boo-boos or bug bites or something that can heal.