Saturday, August 21, 2010

I knocked out my kid's tooth!

Don't worry - it was nothing that requires a call to the authorities. The tooth was very loose and threatening to come out on its own anyway.

Last night I was brushing Simone's teeth before bed, and forgot about the loose tooth. I may have brushed a little too vigorously, trying to hurry since she was whining that I was taking too long and she didn't need to have her teeth brushed anyway. On the final swipe of her bottom front teeth, I noticed some blood mixed with the toothpaste dribbling down her chin, and she was screaming rather than just whining. The blood and screaming scared me and I thought that I'd really injured my little pumpkinhead! I finally got the bleeding and screaming under control, both achieved by stuffing a washcloth in her mouth, (again, totally innocuous and there is no need to contact the authorities!). I asked her why she was so upset; she's lost two other teeth, and hasn't freaked out about it this much. She wailed, "My tooooooth went doooown the draaaaain!"


I looked around the area for a stray tooth, and even shined a flashlight down the drain. No tooth. I must have washed it completely down while trying to stop the bleeding.


I told her that we could write a note to the tooth fairy to let her know that the tooth went down the drain, and Simone was OK with that. I got pen and paper and asked her what she wanted to tell the tooth fairy. Despite all her nonstop chatter throughout the day, she is a girl of few words when it comes to notes.

As we were putting out the note and the little box we use for the tooth fairy, I peeked into my wallet. Ya know, just checking out my cash situation. I had a five and a ten. No ones, which is the standard tooth fairy payment around here.


I thought about raiding the pumpkinhead's piggy bank, but that just seemed wrong, especially since I'd just caused her so much trauma. I dug around in the bottom of my purse and came up with four quarters. When she told her dad about the tooth today, she started with "Daddy, my mommy made my tooth come out." I had to take the phone and explain. I let her have the phone again, and he asked whether the tooth fairy brought her a dollar. She answered, "No, she didn't bring a dollar, just four quarters."

I guess we need to cover currency values before the next tooth is lost!

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