Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kindergarten Quotes

A few things I've heard Simone say since starting Kindergarten:

While reviewing numbers with her stuffed dog: "Choppy,  that's right! You're awesome at numbers! You earned a check mark!" 

Again, while reviewing numbers with Choppy:  "You're very good at this. The rest of the class is not as good at this as you." (Surely she made this one up herself and didn't hear this at school?!?)

While explaining to me why she doesn't want to stay for after-school care:  "The octopus always tags me. I don't want to be tagged." When I suggested that it might be her turn to be the octopus soon, she informed me that that does not interest her, since the octopus has to stay in its circle. Whatever.

While drawing with Choppy: "Choppy, don't laugh at my picture. I'm doing the best I can! It's not nice to laugh when someone is doing the best they can!" 

To no one in particular: "It's my opinion that boys should not talk in the hall." (Haha! I have a similar opinion about boys!)

Tonight she asked me if she could draw me a picture on the back of a worksheet she'd brought home. Well, of course you can draw me a picture, pumpkinhead! She drew a beautiful picture of herself, Angie, and me, then labeled each figure with our ages (!). Later, while stalling before bedtime, she told me that she wants to take the picture to her teacher tomorrow.

It appears that I may have a new arch nemesis. It's ON, Ms. F! I'm putting cookies in her lunchbox tomorrow!

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Lorus! said...

How funny to hear snippets of what she is hearing at school - although you're right that second comment probably wasn't the teacher. Unless...that is why she wants to take her picture to the teacher - maybe she needs to get on her good side!
As for the picture, at least it wasn't a picture of her, Angie, and Ms. F! You MUST still be the favorite!!!