Friday, August 20, 2010


Simone started Kindergarten on Wednesday.

For all the build-up over the past six months or so, it was pretty anti-climactic. She just hasn't been excited about Kindergarten lately. I think it started when she realized that her friends who were in Kindergarten last year would not still be in Kindergarten this year and she would not be joining them in the Kindergarten fun, but would be more or less on her own with this whole Kindergarten thing. We've tried lots of things to get her to start looking forward to school.

Reading Ramona the Pest (in which Ramona goes to Kindergarten) didn't do much for her.

Shopping for school uniforms did not get her pumped.

Shopping for school supplies did not do anything for her either.

"Meet the Teacher" day did not work.

Getting new socks and underwear (Toy Story panties!) was pretty cool and made her smile, but still none of the Kindergarten excitement from this spring.

Wednesday morning came, and she put on her new uniform, ate her special oatmeal (with princess sprinkles), got a donut from Daddy, hugged Biscuit and Choppy goodbye, and pouted through the mandatory picture-taking session...

She even got straight gangsta on me...

Things got a little better when we got to school and she saw all the other kids, including some little girls wearing the same jumper she was wearing. We got her to pose for more shots in the middle of the parking lot (yeah, we're responsible parents)...

Wednesday night, she didn't want to talk about school at all. She didn't want to tell me the names of any kids in her class, what she did during the day, whether she played on the playground -- nothing.

After a couple of days, she seems to be warming up to it all. Tonight she sang me a song about her school that she learned in music class, and told me about a game they played in Spanish class. I think she's going to end up liking Kindergarten after all.

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