Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tin Can Stilts, Pumpkinhead Style

We were inspired to make these after reading "Ramona and Her Father":

We found some large coffee cans at a garage sale and decided to decorate them to suit our tastes. First, we had to prime the cans. Yes, we used latex Kilz and watercolor brushes. That's the only primer I had, and we were doing this Simone's way. She wanted to use her blue sparkly brush (it's ruined now).

While the primer dried, we went to the store for some colorful permanent markers. Then we each decorated a can. (She is not getting grey hair from Kindergarten stress -- that's paint!)

I attached some cord and we went to test them on the porch. Success! Only one minor spill that required reshaping the can. On my turn, one of the cords snapped (see the frayed part on the inside of the left stilt below), and she banned me from using her stilts, claiming that I am too big for these stilts. Thanks.
You may notice that she apparently did not care for my drawings. She re-created my pictures on her own can, then crossed out mine. She even drew sad faces next to a couple. Quite the art critic, huh?

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