Saturday, December 25, 2010

How do you know...

The pumpkinhead has gone to daycare/preschool basically her whole life. She has learned a lot in those five years, some completely awesome, and some not so awesome.

Things that I may not have taught her otherwise, like....

Basic colors and numbers in Chinese and French.

How to paint the soles of your bare feet and make a Thanksgiving turkey centerpiece from footprints.

What constitutes a "bad word" - like "hate", "stupid", "butt", and more often than not, some made-up nonsense word that only she knows.**

Or things I probably wouldn't have even chosen to expose her to, like...

Hannah Montana. 

Moxie Girlz. (I'm not sure exactly what to think about these dolls, but I do like hearing Simone say "moxie"!)

Saying "sweeeeeeet" when she really likes something. (Not really bad, but just annoying when you hear it from adults all day, and then from a five-year-old all night. Luckily, she forgot about this word quickly!)

So when she spouts some new-found knowledge with me that was obviously learned elsewhere, I ask her what she knows about it, and who taught her/told her about that. This has become a futile process, because I've apparently grilled her enough times that now she doesn't want to share this information with me, and tells me that Choppy taught her whatever she's been talking about.

The pumpkinhead and I were waiting in line to check out at a store this week, and she stuck her head into one of the refrigerated drink displays. I heard her say "OH! They have Big Blue!", and pulled out a bottle of blue liquid. Sure enough, it had "Big Blue" written on the label. So the standard line of questioning ensued...

Me: Have you had this drink before?

Pumpkinhead: No.

Me: How do you know about Big Blue?

Pumpkinhead: Because I just saw it in this refrigerator.

Me: Then how do you know what it's called?

Pumpkinhead: Because it says right here, B-I-G B-L-U-E. I read it. (said while looking at me like I'm bad word #2).

Oh yeah! She has also started reading during those five years (more specifically, the last five months)! So guess what we bought, and is now sitting in our refrigerator with exactly four sips taken from the bottle (one mine, three hers)???

** - I'm trying to teach her at home that words themselves are not bad, but we need to be careful how we use them. At school, or at least with other kids, there are words that are apparently "bad".

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