Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sorry, Dad. I tried...

A few weeks ago I got a song stuck in my head. I was singing it around the house all the time. I was humming it to myself at the office. I couldn’t get rid of this song. And all I could remember was a line or two of the chorus. 

Around day two or so of non-stop singing, Simone finally asked me where I learned that song and why I’m singing it so much. I told her that I learned it when I was a little girl like her. It is a Waylon Jennings song that was popular on the radio in the seventies, and I’d heard part of it recently and couldn’t stop singing it. She is usually interested in what I did when I was a little girl. She thinks it’s kinda cool that I used to watch Scooby-Doo and that Wonder Woman and Batman were around way back when. It’s possible that she believes I had a pet dinosaur back then. Maybe she would become a Waylon fan. At least a fan of his music.

Meanwhile, I’m still singing away all the time. And I can’t sing very well.

So I finally went onto iTunes to find the song. I found a whole album of Waylon’s greatest hits and bought it. The song that had been haunting me was on it, as well as some others that I’d forgotten about, including the Dukes of Hazzard. Yay!

The next morning, we were getting ready for work and school, and I was once again singing that song. Simone was getting a little tired of my one-line version, so I pulled out the iPod and found the actual song. I told her that I found the song I used to listen to when I was a little girl, and she was actually interested to hear it. So I turned it on to let her hear Waylon singing “Rainy Day Woman”. If you’ve ever heard the song, you’ll remember that it starts out with several bars of a steel guitar. Very twang-y 70’s country music. I think that’s the reason I like it so much. I like the twang.

Apparently, Simone doesn’t appreciate the twang as much as I do. When she heard the steel guitar, she immediately put her hands over her ears and closed her eyes like it was nails on a chalkboard. She didn’t even make it to the lyrics so she could hear Waylon singing the 10 or so words that I’d tortured her with for a week. Probably for the best. That girl just gets things sometimes, and she doesn’t need to catch on to what exactly his “Rainy Day Woman” is. But I’ll try again with some other twang-y songs.

Oh, well. So she’s not going to be a Waylon fan. That’s OK. After all, he’s an Outlaw, and Simone doesn’t need any outside help with rebellion. She’s good on her own.

Party on, Waylon. Simone’s not listening…

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