Friday, March 4, 2011

How I set examples for my kid...

The school nurse called today to let me know that Simone was complaining that her ear hurts and she probably has an ear infection. So her dad picked her up and I called the doctor and got us squeezed in this afternoon. I left work at lunch time, stopped for a drink (not the happy hour kind, but just a non-alcoholic soda) and did a couple of errands before I met them at the doctor's office.

While we were waiting in the examining room (forever), Simone saw a model showing how atherosclerosis can affect an artery over time. The cross-section was divided into several lengths, each showing a different level of blockage. It was pink-ish and plastic-y, so I guess it was interesting to Simone. She asked what it was, so I got it from the shelf and told her that it shows what might happen to your arteries when you eat too many unhealthy foods and don't exercise. I also took the opportunity to remind her what some healthy food choicess are - fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish, and water to drink.

She looked up at me with a worried look and wailed, "So why did you just go to Sonic and get a Dr. Pepper?!?!?!"

Ahhhhh...caught red handed! I never said all my examples were good ones. I guess if I had gone to happy hour, I could at least have claimed my red wine had antioxidants!

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