Thursday, March 3, 2011

So is she still a pumpkinhead?

Today is Dr. Suess' birthday, and to celebrate, the students at Simone's school were allowed to ditch their uniforms for the day and dress as their favorite character from a story book. Since I had exactly one day to prepare for this, I thought about three books with characters that would be somewhat easy to replicate with things from around the house, and let her choose. She chose Daisy-Head Maizey.

Maizey wears a pink dress throughout the story. Not surprisingly, Simone has many pink dresses. Maizey sprouts a white daisy on her head very early in the story. Weirdly, we've had a fake white chrysanthemum hanging around the house for about a year. I have no idea where it came from, but it won't go away. I hot-glued that thing to a green pipe cleaner and stuck it in her ponytail this morning.

I give you...Daisy-Head Pumpkinhead...

I have no idea why she looks so scared. I guess I'd be scared too if a flower sprouted out of my head.

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