Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cleveland Rocks...plus it's apparently the safest place in the U.S.

After viewing a YouTube video of damages from a tornado that recently hit the town where Simone’s Granny lives (Granny was not affected, thankfully), Simone started to worry about a “twister” invading our space in our own town. She wasn’t totally distraught, so it may have been a bedtime-stalling tactic – but who knows with her, ya know? I tried to reassure her by pointing out that it was a beautiful night and we could see the stars.

"We we’re not having a tornado tonight.", I told her.

She took this to mean that Arlington, TX is exempt from any tornadic* activity, ever. This is certainly not true, and is also not a good impression for a young person to be under. So I further explained that sometimes we have bad storms and it is definitely possible for a tornado to pay us a visit, but if that ever happens, we will go somewhere safe until the tornado goes away. I made sure to let her know that she and I, as well as Choppy and all of our pets will try our best to stay safe. I didn’t elaborate on my actual plan, since it would have required a LOT of explanation, and it was already bedtime – I didn’t need any more questions – so I just left it at “we’ll go somewhere safe”.

She thought about this for a minute, and looked at me a little perplexed. “Where will we go, Mommy? To Ohio?”

Uhhhhh...No, not Ohio.

So I had to let her in on the plan, which is to hide in her bathtub with her mattress over our heads (that’s still what you should do, right?). Hopefully the animals will cooperate, although the fish may have to fend for themselves if worse comes to worst. That tub is already getting overcrowded.

* - My spell-check says "tornadic" is not a word, but I hear weather forecasters use it all the time. Sorry, spell-check. I'm going with The Weather Channel's vernacular here.

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Lorus! said...

Sorry Deb, your info about the bathtub and mattress is old. I hear the best thing to do in a tornado is to go to OHIO! (I bet the weatherman came to Simone's class - that's probably why she already knows.) Yep, hop in that car, airplane, or boat and skedaddle right on over/up to Ohio.
(Oh, on your 'About Me' Simone is still four - might want to update that before you have to just skip 5 altogether!)