Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm trying to remember where I was 13 years ago...

The owner of Simone’s day care (where she goes after school) asked me last week whether Simone’s dad has another daughter living elsewhere. I said no – not that I know of. Then she asked whether I have another daughter somewhere. I said no – not that I know of (haha!). 

This line of questioning was getting a little suspect, so naturally I asked her why she was asking me this.
She said that Simone had mentioned her sister earlier that day. Since she was unaware of the existence of a sister, the owner asked her for more information about this mystery sibling. 

Simone told her very matter-of-factly that she has an older sister who is 13 and lives in Africa. 

When I asked Simone about the sister, she said "Yeah, you know my sister. The one who lives in Africa." She even told me the sister's name, but I didn't catch it because my brain was too busy trying to figure out why Simone felt the need to create such a "unique" family member out of the clear blue. Until now, all the imaginary sisters around here have been Choppy's

I just hope this sister doesn't aspire to be president one day. I don't have her birth certificate!

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Lorus! said...

At least she isn't 70 (like Choppy's sister) That would make you, well, let's see...