Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Maps -- What a Girl Wants

Simone is fascinated with maps. She uses the globe every day to tell me where Choppy and his sisters have been, and holds random items up next to it to demonstrate Earth's location in the solar system. She draws maps so we can find our way to the library, the grocery store, and wedding showers. She can identify most of the 50 states by shape alone (although the square ones trip most everybody up, I think), and can place all of them in the correct area on an outline of the U.S. She can identify every continent and several South American countries and Caribbean islands. She knows which country is the largest, which state is the smallest, and can point out which states she's visited in her five years on Earth.

The girl LOVES maps. She has no clue that Google Maps even exists, and I'm not planning to tell her any time soon. Otherwise, I might never see her again!

Imagine her ecstasy when I brought home an entire set of National Geographic Close-Up U.S.A. maps. This is a set of about 15 maps, each detailing a different region of the U.S. The maps come in a plastic box with a hard-cover city index so you can find any place you could ever want. They're from 1986 or something, but she doesn't care. They're MAPS!!! And they're all HERS!!!

On Sunday morning while I was making breakfast, she dragged out her box 'o maps in the living room. She told me to hurry up with those waffles so we could "study the maps". She even wanted to make a sign for our front door so that anyone who came by would know that we're "studying maps" in here.

We're a matched set of nerds!

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