Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Future Politico???

Last month, our city elected some new public officials. Simone had noticed the campaign signs along the streets and asked what they were for. I explained that we would vote for a new mayor and city council members soon. She wanted to see this voting process, so I told her that she could go with me. Then on voting day, she spent time with her dad and I forgot that she wanted to go.  Oops.

Luckily for me, the race for city council seat in my district ended up very close and a run-off election was needed. This was the only race on the ballot, and I'd become interested in this particular race and had a favorite candidate. I also remembered that Simone wanted to go with me. Last week, I told her that we could go vote on Saturday morning. She asked who I would vote for. I told her that I would vote for Chris Hightower because I thought he could do the best job and make the best decisions for our city. She wanted to know what office he was running for and what his job would be if he won, so I explained as best I could what city council members do.

She wanted to know more about Chris Hightower, and asked about him every day last week. I think she may have even made up a song about him. I showed her a picture of him from one of the many mailers I've received over the last few months. She kept the mailer on her table for a few days. She wanted to know where he lives. Weirdly, I knew this (but only because his campaign headquarters is also his home - I'm no stalker!), and pointed out his house one day on the way to swim lessons.

The run-off voting was held yesterday, and of course, Simone and I went to vote. Last night before going to bed, I checked to see if the election returns were in yet. They were, and Chris Hightower lost by a very narrow margin. I told Simone what happened, and she was of course disappointed and wanted to know who this person is who beat her beloved Chris Hightower. I told her that the other candidate is a lady named Lana Wolff. She was quiet for a minute, then with a disgusted look on her face said, "Hmmm. Lana Wolff. I'm going to have to write her a letter. Can you get me her address?"

Look out, Council Member Wolff. You've got an angry young constituent on your hands!

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