Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Word of the Day: Dagwood

Last week, Simone wanted to make her own lunch for school the next day. She decided to make a jelly sandwich, and while she was spreading the jelly and stacking the bread, she was reminded of this scene in A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. She loves to recreate scenes from her favorite movies, books and TV shows, so of course she had to bring the Peanuts' feast preparation to life...

She was so impressed with her creation, she wanted to eat it immediately instead of saving it for the next day's lunch (it wouldn't have fit into a baggie, much less her lunch box anyway)...

She made it through only a few bites, but she was happy!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cub Reporter or Comedienne?

I saw a news story last week about a woman driving her car through the front of a convenience store. Nobody was badly injured, and the physical damage was fairly minor (broken glass and banged-up displays), so it really was just a curiosity kind of story – What was she doing while she should have been applying the brakes? How will the store owner deal with the economic losses of missed alcohol sales just before the big New Year’s Eve holiday?


Yesterday, we happened to drive by that convenience store. Simone noticed plywood covering some of the windows on the store and asked why that was there. I told her what happened and explained that the plywood is covering the holes in the building until the owners can replace the glass. She was concerned that someone may have been hurt, and I told her that nobody was injured, just scared and surprised to see a car coming into the store.


She thought it over for a minute, then wanted to know how I knew all of this, so I told her I saw it on the news. She wanted to know exactly what the news story said. Word for word. When I couldn’t give her what she wanted, she started grilling me:


PH:         Did they say the lady’s name who drove her car into the store?

Me:        Yes, but I don’t remember it.

PH:         Did they say how old she was?

Me:        Yes, but I don’t remember.

PH:         Did they say the store owner’s name?

Me:        Yes, but I don’t remember it.

PH:         Did they say what did he thought when he saw a car coming into the store?

Me:        Yes, but I don’t remember what he said.

PH:         Did they say what the customers said?

Me:        Yes, but I don’t remember what they said. Something about being very surprised and scared.

PH:         Did the car knock everything down?

Me:        Yes, there was a picture of broken glass and smashed merchandise all over the floor.

PH:         Oh. So it was breaking news?


Da da dum.