Wednesday, June 20, 2012


This is what started it all...

Simone and I attended a simulcast of The Magic Flute at Cowboys Stadium in April. I snapped a very poorly lit shot of her with my cell phone, and "checked in" on Facebook so everyone I know would know where we were. I showed it to Simone and briefly explained that when I put her picture on that website, some other people can see it. I then showed her that a few people "liked" the photo of her, and she declared herself to be famous.

A few weeks ago, she saw Aurora the cat eating out of Pippa's bowl, and thought it was hilarious...

She said "Mommy, we should take a picture of her and put it on Facebook!" So I whipped out the cell phone and did as she asked. Over the next day or two, Simone became quite proficient at checking on Aurora's picture to see how many people had "liked" it. She declared Aurora to be famous.

After a week or so, she decided Pippa should be famous as well...

She checked repeatedly to see how many "likes" each cat got. It was a tight race for a few days, but Aurora won out in the popularity contest by one "like".

Then Simone remembered her picture from the opera and checked to see how many people liked it. Not as many as the cats. She felt slighted and said she needed a better picture posted to Facebook so she could be as famous as the cats...

Simone won by several "likes", and was very pleased with herself. That is bright orange sherbet, by the way, not red lipstick!

I've learned a few things from this:

  1. I had no idea that she'd grasped the concept of Facebook as well as she apparently has. That's scary, and must stop immediately! I caught her today with my phone, thumbing through Facebook "liking" different people's pictures. YIKES!!!
  2. The popularity bug is striking younger people these days.
  3. Even the worst cell phone photo can make you famous!

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